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The conventional market is dissapearing...

We hear about globalisation,

Are you ready ?

Investment or Expense ?

What would you pay for a site that promotes you business on a 24/7 basis on a global scale ?
24/7 Access to your company

A website represents your company on a 24/7 basis enabling global access by customers to crucial information. You break all geographical and political boundaries through this medium. A client wanting information on a product can have access to the same anytime anywhere. Having a dowload section where your regular brochures and tech sheets are made available to clients to download and print themselves saves valuable time and money.

Professional Email
Having a professional email pays for itself in terms of the image the company projects

Dynamic Updates

With our annual maintenance services, you can update your website on a regular basis for a nominal cost of Rs.10 per day. New releases, Special offers can be intimated to clients through an email with a link to the relavant page on your sites.

Client / Staff Login Sections

Special client / staff login sections incorporated on your website will give clients a personalised experience with access to data relevant to them.

@t g2 webs we believe in creating sites that are practical and serve the purpose they were created for... The returns on Investment for a corporate website are phenomenal...


Technology is reshaping this economy and transforming businesses and consumers. This is about more than e-commerce, or email or etrades or efiles. It is about the "e" in economic opportunity

William Daley

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