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Mistakes to Avoid

There are many considerations for having an effective website, its appearance, its navigability, its speed, the technology available, who will be using it and why. the following points offers some practical advise to current and future website owners.
Domain Name Registration
Get the domain registered for longer periods as this prevents other users from getting your daomain name. Besides having promoted your domain you prevent misuse and also don't get your customers confused by not finding your website where they found it before.

Interface and Visual Design - Keep it simple
Keep the contents and the navigation of your sites simple. Remember that it is selling your products and services. Work on aflowchart to enable us design a site that will serve you and your customers well. if in 15 seconds the user does not find what he is looking for he will go to another site.

Keep the text clear and concise.

@t g2 webs we believe in creating sites that are practical and serve the purpose they were created for...

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